Saturday, October 2, 2010


School's started, There's like 5 assignments due like next week but my friends and I are gonna try and stay active! I have here some storybeats that we did for storyboarding class, I made the BGs too dark though so I lost a few marks for that D; It's ok! Learn from your mistakes and all.

Basically we got 2 poems and our teacher divided them up into different beats and we had to draw storyboard panels to reflect how we thought the story would unfurl.

What my original concept was, was that there were these 2 twins who had an identity crisis, when they did things they always got mixed up as to who did what and who was who. in my original roughs one of them ends up killing / maiming the other in their struggle for individuality and control over their relationship. I changed that cause it was too hard to come up with a definite ending, so instead one twin has all the control and the other's sick of it and wants a say in things. In the end you wouldn't know who won.

My Father's the story I've ended up with for our complete assignment, I'm in the process of boarding the story, there's about 60 panels and hopefully I'll have the patience to post it here when it's done...>__>"

Basically, it's a typical werewolf story where the werewolf would go on a blind rampage and kill people, but instead, in this world the people are animals and the animals are the people. So when the Wolf father changes into a WEREHUMAN, he becomes a hunter and hunts down the other animals. Also, the police are after his hunter self cause he's become a serial killer, funnnnn...>3>"

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