Thursday, June 10, 2010

May-June LD at TSA

So some friends and I have been going to the Toronto School of Art Life Drawing sessions to practice, here's some stuff from me. Not everything's here seeing as how half of it's in LD pads but hopefully one day I'll get off my lazy ass and take pictures of them.

Week 1
Experimenting with Pen and a little bit of marker.

Week 2
More playing with Markers and some experimentation with soft pastel in my LD pad.

I shouldn't have used such a dark marker for the shadows there in the last two...

Week 3
A bit of Marker gestures and watercolour studies, the scanner really kills the colours in the watercolour ones.

After this one, I learned that my Ld paper is different on both sides so I'd have to treat the medium differently on each side...

After this one, I learned never to close your watercolour pad till it's DEFINITELY DRY, even if it looks dry it actually isn't...There's random purple dots on this one because of the one below it.


  1. how much does it cost to go to one of the sessions or whatever you did?

  2. $9 for a 2 1/2 hour session :O Wanna come join? :D