Sunday, October 10, 2010

Painting *Sob*

Last year Painting was a chore, this year, it's fun ;D

Black and White Tonals

Colour Tonals

Digital Tonal for Reference
And the Final! :D

Also, a tattoo I designed for a good friend of mine from high school.

I personally like the sketch better D; The colour's just there so my friend can mess with it later with the Tattoo Artist.


  1. Heyyyyy!That turned out really good!Love it>3<

  2. Rofl, thanks :d *coughstalkercough* Rofl, you comment wayyyy too fast xD

  3. that was posted an hour ago when i commented>O so latee
    and and the time on the blog is wrong..@_@
    you replied lesss then an hour tho...-coughstalkercough-

    and this comment..idkk.xD even laterr?

  4. I only commented so soon cause Jen told me you posted a the ultimate stalker is Jen? O_O"