Saturday, January 29, 2011


These were done for the ending of our group project in storyboarding class :O Rofl, yes, the ending is as naughty as you think it is...I was going to post these last weekend but ended up forgetting


This character was made for our Beak/Muzzle assignment in character assignment. He was actually supposed to be a dentist but on a spur of the moment I drew on fangs and liked how it looks, so it stuck and he became BEFERATU (The name was decided upon after we watched Neferatu in Film History xD)

(I just copied the head pose from the concept sketch over to the side view cause I liked it so much <3)>
The Cassowary, the world's deadliest bird; very territorial, have 1" talons on their feet, quill-like feathers, can jump about a meter into the air, and are from Australia. EVERYTHING from Australia wants to kill you D; Anyways, I made her into a lady so when she's kicking for YOUR FACE, it's very unexpected.

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